Building A Better Future?: The Next Generation’s Commitment To Social Impact – Part 2

  • September 22, 2023
  • 22:08 Mins
YouTube video

In a rapidly evolving world, how people give, why they give and where they direct their charitable efforts seems to be undergoing a profound transformation. There seems to be a generational shift, where the younger generation thinks about society very differently from the previous generation and they may be comparatively less selfish. In Part 2 of this episode of CAM Radio, Managing Director of Bain Capital India Amit Chandra and our Managing Partner Cyril Shroff talk about new structures, involvements and cheques from new-age start-up founders, who are the 30-45 year olds, how entrepreneurs, who have made a reasonable amount of wealth, are giving it away disproportionately, how giving shares to a charitable structure is treated and more, with Rishabh Shroff playing the role of a moderator. Tune in