CAM Radio: Exploring Animal Spirits of Finance

  • December 8, 2023
  • 26:56 Mins
YouTube video

In this captivating episode of CAM Radio, the air resonates with the intriguing tales spun by seasoned investor Rajesh Khanna, also the Founder & CEO of Arka Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd, as he delves into the realms of his professional metamorphosis and India’s dynamic economic landscape. Joined by our Managing Partner, Cyril Shroff, the conversation unfolds like a well-composed symphony, exploring Rajesh’s expedition from the corporate echelons to the enchanting world of wildlife photography.

Much like a masterful blend of investment portfolios, the dialogue intertwines the threads of Rajesh’s multifaceted journey, weaving through the corridors of investment banking, private equity, and the fascinating nuances of capturing nature’s wonders through the lens. Against the backdrop of India’s evolving narrative, Mr. Shroff and Rajesh navigate the currents of economic growth, spotlighting the shifting landscapes and emerging opportunities in the country.

As the discussion deepens, parallels emerge between the worlds of investing and photography, painted with strokes of patience, creativity, and strategic acumen. Rajesh unveils profound lessons drawn from the animal kingdom, mirroring the power of collective dynamics, strategic foresight, and the eloquent language of emotions. The narrative crescendos with the anticipation of Rajesh’s upcoming safari, a metaphorical expedition into the uncharted territories of both the wild and the world of captivating imagery, leaving Cyril intrigued by the visual symphony awaiting discovery.