Clear Cut: Exploring How To Innovate, Protect & Prosper With IP

  • April 26, 2024
  • 36:33 Mins
YouTube video

What distinguishes an idea from expression? In the age of information, knowledge can be seen as both currency and commodity. And that means Intellectual Property (IP) can be the tool to arm a person or a business with to make sure they could truly curate innovation, creativity and progress. Yet, beneath the surface of IP, there could lie complexities that could be hard to deal with. And with the digital revolution ushering in new frontiers and challenges, what does it mean for the IP landscape in India?

On the occasion of ‘World IP Day’, our Partner (Head – Intellectual Property) Swati Sharma shares her insights on IP Law in India with Shrija Agarwal of Rizing. In this episode of CAM Radio: Clear Cut they explore what startup founders and mature businesses may not understand about IP, watershed moments of the IP landscape that have impacted India in the last decade, the on-the-ground realities of India being ranked 42 out of 55 on the International IP Index 2024, whether generative AI changes the game for IP and more.