Clear Cut: Exploring The Shiva-Shakti Confluence

  • March 8, 2024
  • 48:03 Mins
YouTube video

What does it take to weave ancient mythology into the fabric of modern fiction? It could be a Herculean task, but some seem to be able to pull it off. How do some authors delve deep into the core of the human spirit and bring together the wisdom and ideas of Hindu mythology & the intricacies of the lives we live today? How does what’s deemed to be mythical become profoundly relevant today and can it redefine the way we understand the world and even ourselves? Could it forge a more equitable and compassionate future and maybe, acknowledge the vital role of women’s voices in a more substantial manner?

As we commemorate International Women’s Day, in this episode of CAM Radio’s Clear Cut, in conversation with our Managing Partner Cyril Shroff, renowned author Amish Tripathi explores what inspired him to write the Shiva trilogy, how it started as a philosophy thesis, how evil may be something that exists beyond petty human rivalries, recognizing the divine in everyone, how a leader is someone who raises their team, instills confidence and brings out the best in people, how Shiva’s ability to swallow poison has takeaways for a leader, perception discrepancies with female Hindu characters, Sita as a defining character of Indian womanhood, standing up for one’s rights without extremism, advice to young people as they chart out their lives and more