Clear Cut: Exploring Whether AI Could Grease The Wheels Of Justice

  • May 3, 2024
  • 55:18 Mins
YouTube video

Can technology democratize justice? Sure, there’s the modernization angle, but could it speed things up and create more efficiency? Could something, like AI, augment decision-making, overcome logistical constraints and streamline processes in the pursuit of justice? Can virtual courtrooms be the new norm long after the COVID-19 pandemic? Can there be greater consistency and accuracy in legal outcomes? What does it take for technology to reshape legal systems to continue to uphold the principles of justice?

In the latest episode of CAM Radio – Clear Cut, our partner, Richa Roy, moderates a multifaceted discussion with Global Legal Head of Trade Finance & Working Capital Solutions of Citi Padmaja Chakravarty, Honourable Judge Josephine Staton, attorney Ann Aiken, Honourable Justice Sabrina McKenna, Honourable Judge Douglas Tookey and Dean of the William S Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawai’i Camille Nelson to explore whether justice is a physical location or a service, whether the right to justice requires human reasoning, whether technology could be deployed for better case management, prioritization, when it comes to the role of technology in law in India and the US, the diversity that technology can create in the legal landscape, tectonic shifts in legal education and more.